Photo: Samira Bawumia shares photos of her “mother” on her birthday

The Second Lady, Samira Bawumia, has shared a photo of a woman whom she called her mother to wish her a happy birthday.

Some sources say the woman happens to be the wife of late former vice president, Aliu Mahama.

The photo, according to, is that of Hajia Ramatu Mahama which she shared on her Facebook page asking Allah to continue to bless her in all her endeavours.

She wrote: “Happy birthday to our beloved mother, Hajia Ramatu Mahama. May Allah bless and favour you in all your endeavours.”

Though she is ripe in age, Hajia Ramatu looks beautiful in her Kente outfit with a headgear to match. Wearing a simple spectacle on top.

The photo and occasion seem to have warmed the heart of some social media users who have sent out birthday wishes to the former second lady, with most of them saying prayers for her.


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